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With Google My Business, you can verify your business, listing to get found in local search.

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The Ultimate Business Profile

If you’ve ever searched for a company on Google, you’ve probably seen their Google  Business Profile. These profiles show up alongside search results with things like location, directions, photos, and – maybe most importantly – customer reviews. Google My Business is an easy and convenient way to engage with your customers before they ever reach your website.

With a Google Business Profile managed by Creative Pro Marketing, you can add a slew of features to your company listing. You can add photos, videos, directions, and a description about your company to your profile. You can also include a link to your website, which will give you more detailed information when it comes to Google Insights. Most importantly, you can add two ways of engaging with your customers – messaging and reviewing. With messaging, customers can reach out to you directly through your Google Business Profile page for information or help. And with reviews, you can gauge how people feel about your company and communicate with reviewers.

How We Can Help with Verification of Your Business Listing

Google Business Profile is a key part of our Digital Marketing strategy. We’ll help you set up, claim, and manage your profile so you can maximize your return on investment. Google My Business, like many services, is constantly changing, so we’ll update you on the latest fixes and improvements too. We’ll also monitor Analytics and Insights to see how your customers are interacting with your listing. Based on that data, we’ll help you edit and improve your listing to be the best possible experience for users.

You can find more information on the Google Business Profile website. Call Creative Pro Marketing today to get started!

Google My Business FAQs

As much as one third of your business can come from your Google Business Profile page. It’s where your potential customers can interact with your company BEFORE they visit your site. If you want to be in control of what Google displays here, you need to verify it. Otherwise Google will display their hideous drive-by picture and put information up about your business that they feel is correct. You also can not respond to reviews unless you have verified your page.

Google Business Profile posts are unique in that they only stay up for 7 days. They are a great way to get information out to your customers about sales, new products or events. You can monitor engagement through Insights on your dashboard.

We want to be your partner in marketing, as you grow your business.