EDDM For Jewelers

What is EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail®) for Jewelers?

Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) is a service offered by the USPS that provides an affordable, targeted advertising technique to help businesses reach potential customers. With EDDM®, mailers can choose to target specific routes within a zip code. You pick the neighborhood you want to target, and a USPS carrier delivers your mail piece to every address on their route while delivering the day’s mail. This allows you to reach your desired demographic or area.

EDDM® can be a very effective means of advertising. With EDDM® postage being so low, it allows you to promote your business with a direct mail piece in a very cost-effective way. Most often, the cost to print and mail, including EDDM® postage, can be less per piece than the cost of a first-class stamp.

Promote Your Jewelry Store with EDDM®

EDDM® service is perfect for promoting your jewelry business within your community. Whether you’re having a sale, opening a new location, or promoting a new collection, EDDM® can help you send a promotional mail piece to the right customers. The EDDM® Online Tool makes it easy to find the perfect prospects for your jewelry business. The tool allows you to choose zip codes and neighborhoods—even filter by age, income, or household size using U.S. Census data through the USPS. This way, you are targeting the people most likely to shop in your jewelry store.

EDDM® direct mail is perfect for a jeweler who wants to promote a trunk show to nearby neighborhoods. With Every Door Direct Mail®, EVERY mailbox on the route gets a mailpiece delivered. So no mail list is needed. This is one less thing that is needed to promote your jewelry business, saving you time and money.

What size mailpiece can I send with Every Door Direct Mail®?

Given that the size requirements for an EDDM® mailer are the same as that for a flat, jewelers can send out an oversized postcard and gain greater visibility. The mailpiece must be greater than either 6 1/8” high or 10.5” long on one side, with maximum dimensions of 15” long or 12” high.

According to a study conducted by the Direct Marketing Association, large postcards received a 4.25% response rate. Sending out an oversized postcard will make your mail piece really stand out in a pile of mail. So you can “go big” with Every Door Direct Mail® and get your jewelry business noticed.

Are EDDM® Postcards an Effective Way to Promote My Jewelry Business?

In general, direct mail postcards are an excellent tool for marketing any business, but it is an even better method for jewelry stores. EDDM® postcards can get your information in front of your potential customers quickly and cost effectively. And since you can use a large size postcard with EDDM®, you message will stand out in the recipient’s mail box.

The 80/20 rule states that 80% of U.S. disposable income is spent within 20 miles of home. Every Door Direct Mail® allows you to target the neighborhoods that are likely to bring you your customers. This makes marketing to your most likely prospects simple and effective.

Whether you’re advertising a trunk show, promoting a new collection, or having a sale, EDDM® postcards are a proven method to get customers in the door. You can target specific neighborhoods or zip codes to attract prospective customers who may be interested in your products and services. This is an effective way to make sure your marketing dollars are targeting prospective customers in the areas you choose.

Keeping Your Business Top of Mind With Potential Customers

As a jeweler, your name is one of your most important assets. You want your name in the mind of every potential customer within the areas you serve, so when they are ready to buy jewelry, you are the first jewelry store that comes to mind. As you establish yourself within specific neighborhoods and communities, EDDM® can be sent on a regular basis so that prospects will come to know you as the area’s jewelry store and the top authority on jewelry in the neighborhood.

Maybe you are expanding into a new neighborhood. With EDDM®, you can promote yourself as the go-to jewelry store in the area. Since Every Door Direct Mail® is so cost-effective, you can promote your business in one area and change to another area if your response rate does not meet your expectations.

Getting Help from the Experts

Overall, an EDDM® campaign is a cost-effective solution to target customers in a particular area. But if you want to get the most out of your EDDM® campaign, make sure to have your mail piece professionally designed and have a clear call to action. Make sure the design reflects your jewelry store’s standards and will catch the attention of the recipient.

In order for the USPS to offer such low postage rates for EDDM® mailings, there are strict guidelines from the USPS for printing, processing and mailing. We have been producing EDDM® campaigns for jewelry stores across the country since the post office first introduced EDDM® in 2011. We are pros at designing, printing and processing EDDM® postcards using the USPS standard guidelines. So you can have the peace of mind that your entire project will be produced under one roof by the experts in Every Door Direct Mail®. Please call us to get your EDDM® campaign started.

We want to be your trusted marketing partner as you grow your business.